In high-demand games like League of Legends, a low latency connection is crucial to success. If you’re looking for the best computer for PC gaming, this article will help you choose a laptop that can run your favorite game at a good framerate and perform well in demanding conditions.

The “cheap laptop for league of legends 2020” is a question that has been asked many times. In this article, I will list the 5 best laptops for League Of Legends.

Best Laptops for League of Legends

In the gaming world, League of Legends is a sensation. There are millions of participants worldwide, and tournaments in certain countries have already filled whole stadiums, with millions of dollars on the line. And it’s all done in a free-to-play game. Due to League of Legends’ popularity, we are often asked: Which laptop should I purchase for League of Legends? Will League of Legends run on a laptop with Intel HD graphics? What is the maximum amount of money I can spend? But there are also concerns about what to do if it runs slowly or takes a long time to load.

The loading periods are definitely one of the most vexing aspects of the game. Anyone who has ever played League of Legends knows what it’s like to wait an eternity for one or two people who seem to be using antiquated technology. To ensure that you aren’t the one doing it, two factors are crucial in reducing load time: the hard drive and RAM. The game’s data is saved on the hard drive, and it must then be loaded into the main memory to play. With a sluggish hard disk, this may take a long time, since League of Legends requires a lot of data to complete a single game. A solid-state drive (SSD) may help tremendously in this situation. Models with a little amount of memory are already available for a very low price. For your operating system and a few games, 120GB should plenty. Music, movies, and other comparable data should be kept on a traditional HDD with more hard drive capacity. Of course, we’ve also discussed how to switch your laptop to an SSD.

After that, there’s the RAM. The current norm is 4GB, however this is gradually increasing to 8GB. You can find out whether you can update your laptop by contacting the manufacturer or consulting the device’s handbook. Notebooks using Intel’s Core I CPUs from the first generation can normally manage 8GB as a rule of thumb. On our YouTube channel, you may discover a variety of upgrade tutorials. I would also advise you to adjust your notebook’s memory to 8GB, since, as the saying goes, nothing beats more main memory.

Choosing the Best League of Legends Laptop

Importantly, League of Legends’ capacity to profit from numerous cores is restricted. It can’t utilize more than two CPU cores at a time. If you want to save money, go for a powerful dual-core CPU rather than quad, hexa, or even octa-core processors.

It’s also important not to overlook the graphics card. Although the LoL system requirements aren’t renowned for being particularly demanding, a card that’s at least halfway up to date should be. AMD’s APU systems, which have the graphics card built in into the CPU, are the starting point.

League of Legends Laptops for the Middle Class

If you don’t want to skimp on the details and value your appearance, you should spend a bit extra. This is relative, since LoL plays nicely on Full-HD with medium details on an Intel Core i5 with Intel HD graphics with an Intel Core i5.

Devices without a Full-HD display and without Windows, such as the Acer Aspire E5-574-525M, are currently available for much under $500. For those who want a little more visual performance – for example, those who wish to play other games – the HP 350 G2 is a good choice.

For impatient gamers, the Lenovo V110-15ISK with 128GB SSD is still a good choice. It doesn’t have a lot of storage capacity, but it’s a lot quicker than a regular hard drive.

Then there’s the upper middle class, where a specialized AMD graphics card is already installed. A nice example is the HP 250 G5.

You can easily satisfy the specified system requirements with this equipment. But what if you want to broadcast many videos at the same time? If you wish to record League of Legends Let’s Plays, you may do so as well. Then you’ll need a CPU with a bit more horsepower.

For League Of Legends, high-end laptops are required.

If you want to record or even broadcast live in addition to gaming, you should use a bit more power so that you always have adequate reserves.

The HP OMEN X 2S, for example, should be noted since it includes a Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and AMD Radeon graphics. Windows 7 and, if desired, Windows 8.1 are also included. The display, however, only supports an HD-ready resolution, not 1080p Full-HD.

There are, of course, models that provide everything at once: The Alienware m15 is equipped with 16GB of RAM, an Intel Core i7 processor, a 256GB SSD, nVidia GeForce graphics, and a matt Full-HD display. However, the price is proportionately greater as a result.

Best Laptops for League of Legends is a ranking of the best laptops for League of Legends.

The CPU, graphics card, and main memory are the three components that provide a computer its computational power. Laptops above $600 are always and perfectly competent for office work and certain multimedia such as Word, web surfing, Excel, mails, music, and movies. Usually, the notepad becomes bored as well. Even while the CPU is quicker than required for the work, and the RAM is never overflowing, there are still gaming laptops. Why is this the case? You may inquire whether my regular Aldi laptop is insufficient. The most suitable response is YES. We’ll attempt to answer this question, as well as everything else connected to the issue, in our gaming laptop comparison. We aim to make it possible for everyone to choose the finest gaming laptop for them, their own gaming laptop comparison winner, with the aid of our laptop purchasing guide. Continue reading for more information on the Gaming Laptop Comparison.

What is the difference between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop?

It’s a totally typical Mini PC, just like any other laptop, to put it bluntly. It has the same components as any other laptop, with the exception of the weight and performance of each component. In a table, we present the components of a typical gamer’s notebook:

  • Processor: Also known as a central processing unit (CPU) (Central Processing Unit). A gaming laptop should have four actual cores (e.g. 6700HQ) and a clock speed of at least 2.5 GHz. Additional computational units may be simulated on many models to make greater use of the four cores. As a result, the CPU is able to function more efficiently. Most modern CPUs provide a mediocre graphics solution. However, in games, this is nearly never enough. If necessary, more powerful CPUs may be fitted in specific models. For the time being, we can only suggest Intel CPUs for systems that are primarily used for gaming. As a result, the gaming laptop comparison solely includes Intel. AMD’s CPU lineup is presently unsuitable for specialized gaming systems in a specific performance category. This may change in the future, but for now, practically every MSI, Acer, and Asus gaming laptop is built on an i7 processor.
  • In a gaming laptop, the primary memory, also known as RAM (Random Access Memory), should be at least 6–8 GB. The current versions are DDR3 and DDR4. RAM may often be doubled in amount, although this is dependent on the laptop model. In gaming, RAM capacities of 12–32 GB provide essentially little benefit, but they dramatically raise the price.
  • Graphics Card: This is the most critical component for good gameplay, second only to the CPU. The graphics component of the game demands the greatest computation since today’s games are largely optically developed. Although most superior business laptops have a fast CPU, they are not suitable for gaming owing to their poor graphics card. Unfortunately, upgrading is unlikely in this scenario since the device’s cooling mechanism was not built for such a high level of performance and consequently heat generation. The graphics card in a gaming laptop might cost up to a quarter of the entire price. Graphics memory capacities of up to 4 GB are popular in this environment. It’s challenging to justify larger memory sizes. Graphics cards must support DirectX, which is now DX11, although practically all cards, including the 970m, do.
  • The display is the component of your new gaming laptop that will be in front of your eyes at all times. The higher the screen resolution, the more information you can view on the screen at once. If at all feasible, very high resolutions should be paired with large screen diagonals. The picture seems coarser-grained when the resolution is reduced, yet the processing work is much reduced. Gaming laptops should have a resolution of at least Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). It’s still crucial to know what kind of display panel you’re using: The most prevalent forms are TN and IPS (+Derivatives). With a high contrast value, IPS enables excellent screen content recognition from lateral viewing angles (for example, during a presentation), whereas TN is affordable and responsive. A TN panel is recommended for fast-paced eSport shooters like CS:GO. The screen size is up to you, but it should be at least 15 inches wide since, particularly with games, as much of your field of view as possible should be occupied by the screen material to increase the “mid-drin” experience, akin to going to the movies. A gaming laptop with a screen larger than 19 inches is unusual, since mobility is severely limited. A 17-inch laptop, on the other hand, is the most popular gaming laptop.
  • SSD: The SSD has a little affect on the game’s frame rate (i.e. smoothness), but it has a considerable impact on level loading times. In other operating systems, such as Windows, the computer also replies more quicker.
  • SSDs, along with RAM, are the components of a laptop that can be replaced the most readily and often. An SSD’s pricing per gigabyte is much lower than that of a traditional hard drive (HDD). As a result, the more costly laptops allow you to install one copy of both kinds of mass storage. As a result, even the biggest Steam game library fits entirely on the machine. At the same time, manufacturers may provide a low-cost gaming laptop by conserving a notebook SSD. In this gaming laptop comparison, such goods are also included.
  • Keyboards: Gaming laptops use their keyboards to set themselves apart from “regular” computers. Keyboard lighting, additional keys for macros, and particularly durable versions of keys that are regularly used in gaming are all common characteristics.
  • Brightly colored components or embellishments may be seen on many gaming gadgets, as well as laptops. In terms of color and luminous frequency, they may frequently be tweaked. This is where people’s perspectives diverge: some people enjoy this form of equipment, while others think it’s too childish. There are, however, versions that give extremely subtle or entirely optional illumination.
  • Cooling: In most laptops, the cooling system is simply responsible for cooling the CPU. Gaming laptops, on the other hand, now come with an additional graphics card, which may more than quadruple the needed cooling capacity. Gaming laptops are usually a little more voluminous than their business pedants due to the superior cooling.

HP Omen X 2S is in first place.

  • Technology with two displays
  • Outstanding performance
  • Great Sound and Complete Silence


What kind of gaming laptop is best for me?

You don’t need a gaming laptop to play games like Farmville or the elevator simulator. However, even if the games merely have modest hardware needs, a gaming laptop may pay dividends in various ways:

  • For the same level of usage, a more powerful gadget is quieter than a less powerful one.
  • DLCs or add-ons for games that you already like may have greater system requirements than the original game.
  • A stronger CPU than is often installed in business laptops pays dividends, especially when playing online games with a large number of players: less jerking, more enjoyable playing.

The following is a list of three types of gamers. Maybe you’ll find yourself in one of these situations:

The Casual Gamer: You don’t play the most computationally demanding games very frequently, but you want something better than your old office notebook?

Quite often, Gamer: This group spends one to three hours each evening playing video games. The graphics performance of the games must also be increased due to the bandwidth of the games.

The serious gamer: If you’re a professional gamer (eSport) or see the attraction of being the very best on the server, you shouldn’t skimp on your work equipment.

Alienware 15 R4 is ranked second.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Best Deal
  • Excellent Presentation


What should I look for when purchasing a gaming laptop?

If you spend 99 percent of your time playing web games, a gaming laptop is not for you. Such a technology need games that are halfway smart. There are a lot of games available! You don’t have to play the most recent and performance-intensive ones all of the time! Many games from the previous console generation, such as Xbox 360 and PS3, have been transferred to PC and may be played at a medium detail level on even the most basic hardware. These games are still entertaining.

If you want to play the newest visual hits in high definition, you’ll need a high-end gaming laptop. Games converted to PC from the new Xbox One and PS4 consoles, in particular, now need a lot of processing power.

Do you already own an outdated Windows laptop that has lately died and you’re looking for a replacement? Perhaps there is a cost-cutting opportunity here: you could install your old Windows on the new PC. Some gadgets are available without an operating system, which saves you $40 to $120. You or a buddy should be acquainted with the installation of all essential system drivers in order to perform this. Otherwise, your new gaming laptop will fall short of your expectations in terms of performance.

Alienware M15 is ranked third.

  • 1632848319_679_5-Best-Laptops-for-League-Of-Legends
  • Excellent Work
  • Excellent Presentation
  • Equipment is excellent.


The Hardware and the Price

The price/performance ratio of a gaming laptop is lower than that of a stationary desktop computer. This is the cost of the ultra-minimalist design. So think about whether you need a gaming laptop or whether you’d be better off upgrading your PC with a new, faster gaming graphics card. Because of its mobility, a gaming laptop is always a possible lost item. Furthermore, like with other technological products, the price of new devices has decreased significantly.

But none of this changes the fact that with a device from our gaming laptop comparison, you’re always and spontaneously ready for a gaming session. The benefit is apparent, whether you’re rapidly traveling to a friend’s home for an evening of LoL or finally being able to continue playing your single-player campaign in quiet on the train. Depending on importance, a gaming laptop is the comparative winner for some, while overly pricey gaming equipment is the winner for others.

Because you are unlikely to choose a laptop that is ideal for every function, the weight of a gaming laptop is also an important consideration. Because these bolides like to be double the weight of a thin professional notebook. It’s essential to have a nice laptop bag or an MSI laptop backpack. However, the downside of the heavy weight is that you always have a capable solution for mobile gaming, CAD programs, and other, even professional duties with you.

Because of the significance of this component, we have a whole section in our gaming laptop comparison dedicated to graphics cards.

Nvidia and AMD are two of the most powerful graphics card manufacturers. Both firms have various sub-brands for their graphics chips. Nvidia’s Geforce and AMD’s Radeon. The naming strategy for graphics processors allows for a first approximate estimate of performance.

These schemes, on the other hand, alter practically every or every second graphics card generation. Overall, the outstanding Nvidia card “Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M” is the finest option for the Nvidia card:

  • A high-performance card is denoted by the term GTX. A preliminary indication of gaming prowess.
  • The first digit and the final two digits make up the three-digit number’s key informative components.
  • The first refers to the generation in which the card was created. The newer the cards are on the market, the higher the generation. The last two numbers represent the card’s performance within the generation. The greater the number, the better.
  • The letter “M” is an acronym for a notebook card. This implies it can’t be installed on desktop PCs that aren’t on the go.

There are just a few companies who make gaming laptops. However, whether your gaming laptop is an Alienware, an Asus Gamer Laptop, or an Asus Gaming Laptop, an MSI Gaming Notebook, or an Acer Gaming Laptop is of secondary significance, as the gaming performance, not the brand, should drive your choice to purchase a high-end PC. The most well-known brands, which feature in practically every gaming laptop review, are:

The Acer Predator Helios 300 comes in fourth place.


  • GTX 1050Ti is a fantastic graphics card.
  • Luminous Display
  • a reasonable price
  • Corners with Backlight Bleeding


How can I keep my gaming laptop in good shape?

The following suggestions are applicable to all laptops, although some are especially useful for gaming computers. Even the greatest gaming laptop need maintenance:

  • Install as few apps as possible; this laptop is intended for gaming and should not be slowed down.
  • Don’t let your gaming laptop’s cooling system collect dust. Dust deposits will cause the laptop to overheat, resulting in a loss of computational power.
  • If your laptop slows down over time, it might be due to a combination of hardware and software issues: A fresh installation of the operating system might work miracles if your laptop is visibly packed with apps and utilities.
  • Cleaning, on the other hand, may be done by yourself or by a firm in the event of dust-induced performance loss. You should enlist the assistance of a qualified organization, especially if you have no prior expertise dismantling computers.

What is the best way to set up a gaming laptop?

As a player, you currently have no choice but to use Windows as your operating system. More helpful setup advice:

  • Always make sure your graphics card’s drivers are up to date. You may get a few percent better performance in new game titles this method.
  • Install apps like Coretemp, CPU-Z, and GPU-Z to track your system’s performance. This will assist you in detecting and avoiding bottlenecks caused by certain graphics settings.
  • Less is more: The more background applications run, the less performance is available for the present game.
  • You can purchase a gaming laptop and use it for a long time if you follow these easy fundamental principles.

What is the average lifespan of a gaming laptop?

An MSI gaming laptop will last just as long as any other laptop if you don’t intend on using it. It’s logical that you won’t be able to play the games of 2020 in the best possible visual quality on a gadget from 2012. Even so, you may assure steady frame rates throughout multiple generations of gameplay by turning off or limiting some visual capabilities, such as antialiasing.

What is the minimum RAM need for a gaming laptop?

Similar to the smartphone industry’s primary frenzy, RAM in gaming laptops is very important: You don’t need more than 12 GB at this time. Offers of up to 32 GB are absolutely insufficient to meet the demands of today’s games. Keep in mind that you should assemble your own gaming laptop.

And these standards aren’t going to alter in a big way. Even these 12 GB come with a buffer – in 95% of circumstances, 8 GB will enough. As a result, there are no combinations in our gaming laptop comparison with exceptionally high RAM. A recommendation for gamers to buy a laptop with such big memory capacity is not serious.

Asus ZenBook 14 is ranked fifth.


  • Excellent Battery
  • Excellent Presentation
  • Work at a rapid pace


What is League of Legends and how does it work?

In a traditional League of Legends game, two teams compete against each other, each with five champions, each with their own unique abilities. Each team’s primary goal is to destroy the opponent Nexus (a main building). However, multiple defensive buildings must be eliminated on at least one of the three center level pathways before the Nexus may be assaulted (lanes).

During their campaign, the heroes get constant assistance from AI-controlled troops known as minions, similar to “Dota 2.” They flood the battlefield at regular intervals, attacking foes or enemy facilities on their own – but only on the map’s three major lanes. Anyone exploring the nearby jungle will have to do it without the assistance of a minion.

Champions level up by gathering experience points, as is customary in the MOBA genre. They pick up a variety of new talents as the game advances. Players may also update their equipment with new items if they have enough gold.

Players may pick from one of six classes for each of the 141 heroic heroes presently available. Warriors can do a lot of damage, tanks can absorb a lot of damage, mages have strong special skills, and supports may do things like replenish friends’ mana energy or heal wounded companions.

The “best laptop for league of legends under $500” is a topic that has been discussed plenty. The 5 laptops listed here are the best for League Of Legends players.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which laptops can run league?

A: The different laptops are too numerous to list them all, so you can find out which ones are compatible with League by navigating the official website.

Can laptop run League of Legends?

A: It is possible to run a laptop, but it would be an extremely slow and difficult process. If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact your IT department

Can the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 run League of Legends?

A: Yes, the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is capable of running League of Legends.

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