InDesign is a software that is used to create and edit documents. It has been around for many years, but it’s still one of the most commonly used programs in graphic design. This article will provide you with five of the best software options for opening and editing InDesign files.

The edit indesign files online free is a software that can be used to open and edit InDesign files. It has been around for a long time and has been updated with new features in recent years.

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4th of October, 2021

Originally published in February 2021.

  • InDesign is a powerful publishing program that lets you design professional-looking projects.
  • The software creates its own file format, and if you wish to open it with another program, be sure it supports that format.
  • We compiled a list of software solutions that can open, edit, convert, and even recover IDD files.
  • The majority of the solutions suggested are comparable publishing tools with project-specific layouts and sophisticated picture editing, as well as QR generators.


Adobe InDesign is a software program that allows you to create is a sophisticated software program that many people use to produce posters, brochures, newspapers, ebooks, and other printed products.

The program creates its own file format, called INDD. If you wish to use other applications to access these files, be sure they’re compatible or readily convertible.

Whether you alternate between InDesign and other applications or don’t use the program at all, but need to open INDD files, you’ll need a decent tool that supports this format.

Despite the fact that most publishing software follows similar patterns and offers comparable capabilities, some won’t accept particular formats or convert them in such a manner that you lose a lot of quality and have to work twice as hard to recover them.

So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll go through some of the finest tools for opening and editing InDesign files on your Windows 10 PC in this post.


This is the official utility for creating, formatting, and opening INDD files. Adobe InDesign is a cross-platform design program by Adobe Systems that works on both Windows and Mac systems.

If you need to access an InDesign file without using InDesign, it is generally considered as the best option. In comparison to the others, it has the biggest user base.

Adobe InDesign has a lot of capabilities that are all bundled together on a single platform and execute particular tasks.

Furthermore, it has a fully configurable interface that allows users to create new material from scratch or import it from a third-party source.

Additionally, Adobe InDesign gives you a dependable way to include music, motion, and slideshows in your digital documents or ebooks.

Adobe InDesign is essentially a tool for any digital publisher looking to produce near-perfect, interactive publications such as flyers, e-books, posters, magazines, and brochures, among other things.

Adobe InDesign also has the following noteworthy features:

  • Support for many formats (HTML, TXT, PDF, FLA, GIF, DOC, JPEG, PSD, etc.)
  • Page content is generated automatically.
  • Changes to the layout
  • Cross-referencing is done automatically.

Adobe InDesign is a program that requires a subscription. For the next seven days, you may test it for free.


Adobe InDesign

Get your hands on some fantastic tools that will assist you in creating great advertising materials!


Canva is a famous online graphic design tool used by social media and online marketing professionals. It is simple and straightforward to use because to its drag & drop functionality.

You may create designs from scratch or choose from a wide range of themes for infographics, calendars, book covers, banners, and social media posts, among other things.

While Canva does not yet support.indd files, there is a workaround. You can upload and modify your.indd files using Canva’s drag and drop features if you convert them to pdf files.

This program allows you to modify all components in PDF files. You can alter the font, make comments, move things around, and insert new objects all with ease.

Canva offers both a paid and a free version. The free version has a good number of features and may be used to acquaint yourself with the design process. The pro version is available on a yearly or monthly basis.

Canva’s key features include:

  • Animations of text
  • Can form a team to collaborate on a design
  • A large number of picture effects and filters are available.
  • There are thousands of icons and other components to help you improve your design.
  • Templates that have already been created 
  • Straightener for photos

Canva is a powerful and inspirational image editing tool that is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced users.



Convert and modify InDesign files using simple drag-and-drop tools, then use them in attractive templates.


Another program that can open InDesign files is Adobe InCopy (Adobe InCopy) is. InCopy, like InDesign, is created by Adobe Systems and is available as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

It also works in tandem with Adobe InDesign to generate and open INDD files without the need for InDesign. Both Windows and macOS are supported by the program.

Although it is a conventional word processor, Adobe InCopy is flexible enough to operate in tandem with InDesign to produce interactive and attractive print works as well as digital publications such as ebooks, posters, and flyers.

It’s an excellent collaboration tool that allows designers and writers to collaborate on InDesign projects.

In most cases, graphic designers or creative artists are in charge of the layout design, while content producers or writers are in charge of the writing (written contents).

InCopy is one of the finest programs for opening InDesign files. It cannot, however, generate INDD as a stand-alone application unless it is integrated with InDesign.

Aside from INDD, it also supports PDF files in a more comprehensive way. You may not only open them, but you can also read the comments and add your own. As a result, it’s an excellent collaboration tool.

Nonetheless, it is one of the most dependable programs for opening InDesign files. Adobe InCopy is available as a monthly subscription service.

The following are some of Adobe InCopy’s notable features:

  • Templates and color swatches
  • Check your spelling
  • Plug-ins/extensions (Adobe Exchange),
  • Support for many formats (INDD, ICST, PSET etc.)
  • Link creation in a flash


Adobe InCopy

If you want to take use of a variety of tools to help you create amazing prints, go no further than Adobe InCopy!


Affinity Publisher is a multi-purpose publishing tool with capabilities tailored to a variety of physical and digital publications, including books, scientific projects, social media templates, and website mock-ups. 

If you save InDesign files in IDML (InDesign Markup Language) format, the program can read them. Affinity Publisher gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to working with IDML files. Text styles may be changed, bleed settings can be adjusted, page numbering can be added, and so on.

Affinity has a number of text editing tools that allow you to position your text pretty much wherever you want, with a variety of contemporary styles to choose from. Lines and borders may be added to paragraphs, drop capitals can be added to paragraphs, aesthetic effects can be used to make headers and headings stand out, and text can be placed on a path.

In terms of visuals, you may import almost any picture file format using the program. Placing them is simple and unrestricted, unlike with other publishing tools.

Affinity also has photo editing capabilities that allow you to alter your image so that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the design. Advanced pen and node tools, bitmap fills, boolean operations, and layer effects are also included.

Affinity Publisher also has the following features:

  • 60 frames per second pan and zoom
  • Works on several publications at the same time
  • Presets are available, as well as the ability to store your own.
  • Provides comprehensive video lessons.

Affinity is a licensed base product that receives free upgrades on a regular basis. It’s accessible in a variety of languages and runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Affinity Publisher may be downloaded here.


One of the most often used computer programs for opening InDesign files is QuarkXpress.

The software is a powerful publishing tool for producing and viewing digital publications such as flyers, ebooks, and newspapers.

It is generally regarded as a viable alternative to Adobe InDesign, and it supports both Windows and macOS platforms.

The WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get – (lossless output) user interface in QuarkXpress allows you to see exact representations of your outputs.

QuarkXpress, to put it simply, shows results in printouts that are similar to what occurs on the screen (no quality loss).

This capability makes QuarkXpress a fantastic digital-to-print conversion tool, which is one of the most difficult parts of graphic design.

Text alignment, custom color management, multilingual support (up to 35 languages), print scaling (10x reduction and enlargement), and many more features are available.

QuarkXpress also has the following features:

  • Generator of QR codes
  • Font lookup
  • Highlighting and filtering
  • Import from Microsoft Word
  • Support for PDF natively
  • Zooming without loss of quality (up to 80x)

The cost of QuarkXpress is one of its most major drawbacks. When compared to other top applications that opens InDesign files, the program is a bit pricey. You may, however, test it for free for seven days to see whether you like what it has to offer.

Obtain QuarkXpress


Stellar Data Recovery is more of a data recovery and restoration program than an InDesign application. Although it cannot generate INDD file extensions, it can open InDesign files.

This is particularly essential if the file has been corrupted or damaged in any way. Stellar Data Recovery works on Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS (mobile).

This program is a one-stop shop that supports a variety of file types, including INDD. It’s particularly helpful if your InDesign files have been damaged or corrupted.

Stellar assists in the repair and subsequent recovery in such situations. Stellar can fix INDD layers, cross-references, hyperlinks, pictures, and many other elements of an InDesign file.

In essence, Stellar can open any InDesign file, whether it’s damaged or not.

It should be emphasized, however, that Stellar Phoenix is not an InDesign tool and therefore cannot be used to generate or modify INDD file extensions under any circumstances.

Stellar’s other important features and functions include:

  • Scanning and organizing files
  • Outlook recovery/repair
  • Support for many formats
  • Money-back guarantee and technical assistance
  • Updates are always free.
  • RAID resiliency

Stellar Data Recovery is a program that may help you recover your data.

InDesign files (.INDD) are professional layout pages that are critical in the publishing and printing industries.

The files can only be accessed and read by a certain kind of computer software since they are a non-conventional document/file system.

We’ve listed four of the most dependable software programs for opening InDesign files in this post.

If you’re a digital publisher, a creative artist, or a graphic design specialist, the software listed above is the best option for opening and reading InDesign (INDD) files on your computer.

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InDesign is a program that can edit InDesign files.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do I open an INDD file without InDesign?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can use a program like Filezilla to open the file.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Can you edit an InDesign file?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Yes, I can edit InDesign files.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs can edit InDesign files?

InDesign is a program that can edit InDesign files.

How do I open an INDD file without InDesign?

You can use a program like Filezilla to open the file.

Can you edit an InDesign file?

Yes, I can edit InDesign files.

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