About Dragon Types

In the world of Ragnarok, there are ‘dragon types’ who have been confirmed as monsters. Like how certain animals exist in reality, some dragons do as well. The more powerful and dangerous ones will typically be larger than average and appear stronger and scarier than others — it may even look like they can’t be contained, which is quite true.

On occasion, you’ll find a dragon who’s smaller and weaker than the average one, but even they’re considered dangerous to low-level players. If you come across something that looks like a dragon but is small enough to be held in your arms, then it’s considered a ‘weakling’ of its species. There are some types that are larger than usual for their species, but they’re still on the weak side, so it’s safe to assume there are some exceptions.

About Dragons

Dragon types can be a little confusing, especially since some dragons have more than one type. Here’s a basic rundown of the different dragon types and what they look like. The basic dragon types are Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Each of these main types has subtypes such as Light and Dark.

  • Earth dragons punch through walls and can fly freely in the air.
  • Water dragons can swim up waterfalls and across deep pools of water without sinking or getting hurt. They also walk on thin ice with ease.
  • Light dragons are frail and weak to physical attacks, but can use elemental magic to deal damage from a distance. They also have a higher chance of dodging incoming attacks.
  • Dark dragons are strong against light dragons but take more damage from elemental magic spells. They have a special draining ability that heals themselves while taking away some of the enemy’s health. Dark dragons are also the only ones capable of using curse attacks, which instantly reduces an enemy’s health by half or more depending on the attack used.

Earth Dragons: Quartz, Stalagmite, Marble, Onyx

Fire Dragons: Lava, Obsidian, Ebonstone

Water Dragons: Coral, Sea Serpent, Tidepool

Light Dragons: Crystal, Morning Glory, Moonbeam

Dark Dragons: Obsidian, Black Pearl, King Tide

  • Wind dragons can fly and walk freely on air since they don’t sink. They can also teleport short distances to dodge attacks or move about quickly.
  • Fairy dragons are small and fast but have low health and take double damage from attacks. They are the only dragons capable of learning support magic spells since they can’t use elemental magic like other dragons.
  • Sound dragons make noise when walking, which damages nearby enemies while emitting a warning track for allies to follow (no pun intended). Sound dragons also have high health and a chance of dodging incoming attacks.
  • Shadow dragons are invisible until they attack or are directly attacked. They also have high health, but take more damage from magical attacks than physical ones.
  • Light dragons are frail and weak to physical attacks, but can use elemental magic to deal damage from a distance. They also have a higher chance of dodging incoming attacks. The basic four elements of earth, fire, water and wind have a lot in common in the way they work, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd.
  • Light dragons are weak to physical attacks, so dark elemental magic spells will deal double damage. Light dragons also cannot dodge physical attack well since their speed is slow.

Shadow Dragons: Fog, Black Mist, Dark Star

Fire Dragons: Brimstone, Basilisk, Efreet

Water Dragons: Steam, Chasmostris, Leviathan

Light Dragons: Glare, Glowworm, Moonlight

Wind Dragons: Breeze, Hurricane, Zephyr

Fairy Dragons : Faerie Queen , Spring Operetta


The dragons who have been confirmed by players all inject a bit of poison or paralyzing effect into their attacks. You’ll feel numbness if you get hit with one of their breath attacks, and your body will stiffen if they bite. If you get hit with both, you can’t even move anymore. I hope none of you are thinking of challenging a dragon type right now. They aren’t easy to take on solo or even in groups of two or three!

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