Acer has unveiled a new laptop with a glasses-free 3D display, which is also the world’s first to feature a spatial sound system. The ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs laptop is equipped with a 5.7-inch FHD IPS screen and Dolby Atmos support for immersive audio.

Acer has unveiled the acer conceptd spatiallabs 3d theverge laptop with a glasses-free 3D display. The laptop is still in development, but it will be released soon.

The ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs edition, which starts at EUR 3599, is an Acer laptop that provides a glasses-free 3D display experience.

According to Acer, the newest upgrade to their SpatialLabs 3D technology enables users to transform and display 2D material, such as movies, pictures, games, and a webcam feed during a video chat, into stereoscopic 3D. The new ConceptD 7 laptops are designed for people who work with 3D modeling applications, such as CAD, as well as developers.

Acer’s ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs edition laptop is powered by an 11th-generation Intel Core H-series CPU with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 as a GPU option. Up to 64GB DDR4 RAM and 2TB NVMe PCIe SSD storage are supported by the laptop.

The display, which is the primary draw of this 3D-rendering laptop, is a 4K UHD device with a broad color spectrum, including 100 percent Adobe RGB gamut and a Delta E2 color accuracy certification. This means that the final render should seem like what the developers view on the laptop’s stereoscopic 3D display.

Acer is the source of this information.

The SpatialLabs program combines hardware and software to enable 3D viewing without the need of glasses.

A series of stereo cameras mounted above the screen follow the viewer’s eyes and head to show 3D material, allowing for stereoscopic 3D viewing. Two distinct pictures — each refracted to a different eye — are projected via an optical lens bonded to the display’s screen to create the 3D display.

SpatialLabs supports all major 3D file formats, and artists may use the SpatialLabs Model Viewer to transform existing 3D models to stereoscopic 3D. The Model Viewer tool, which is also available as an add-on for eight 3D software suites, including Autodesk Fusion 360, Rhinoceros, and Zbrush, allows creators to modify lighting, textures, and HDRI backdrops.

The laptop may also be used with an expanded 2D screen, allowing producers to work on material on a 2D display while seeing it in real-time stereoscopic 3D on the SpatialLabs laptop.

Acer unveils ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs edition laptop with glasses-free 3D displayAcer is the source of this information.

While the price is obviously high, this kind of technology cannot be expected to be inexpensive, particularly during its first release.

As previously stated, the Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs edition is priced at €3,599 and will be available in December in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. In 2022, the laptop will also be available in North America.

The ConceptD 3 lineup has been extended.

Acer has also added new 16-inch clamshell versions with a 16:10 aspect ratio to the ConceptD 3 range, as well as new convertible ConceptD 3 Ezel models with a 15.6-inch display.

The new 16-inch ConceptD 3 costs $1699, while the ConceptD 3 Pro costs $1899. The 15.6-inch ConceptD 3 Ezel costs $1899, while the ConceptD 3 Ezel Pro costs $1999.

Acer unveils ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs edition laptop with glasses-free 3D display

Acer ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs edition, Concept D3, ConceptD 3 Pro, ConceptD 3 Ezel, and ConceptD 3 Ezel Pro beginning prices and release dates are shown below.

Acer ConceptD laptop edition Acer ConceptD laptop edition Acer ConceptD laptop edition A Price Date of Publication
SpatialLabs Edition of ConceptD 7 (CN715-73G)


| $TBA

December in Europe and the Middle East | 2022 in North America
3D Concept (CN316-73G)  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ In EMEA, October | In North America, January 2022
ConceptD 3 Pro is an advanced version of ConceptD. (CN316-73P) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ December in Europe and the Middle East | January 2022 in North America
Ezel ConceptD 3 (CC315-73G) RMB 13999 | €2099 | $1899.99 October in China | November in EMEA and North America
Ezel Pro ConceptD 3 (CC315-73P) RMB 14999 | €2199 | $1999.99 EMEA December | North America January 2022 | China October

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