Ammo Tips Fallout 4

I play Fallout 4 like a mediocre sniper. I don’t really use V.A.T.S., and I’ll always try to avoid an enemy over taking cover or trying to flank me instead of using grenades or shooting from afar with a long-ranged weapon, so needless to say, my ammunition usage isn’t really the best compared to how much I use my other possessions.

But since I’ve finally made it onto the point where I’m about to hit 100 caps, and because I want nothing more than to waste as much as possible (apart from raider’s blood) before hitting level 50; using less ammunition has been one of those things that would definitely help me save on some caps. And with that said, I’ve been on a bit of a search for good tips and tricks regarding how to conserve ammunition in Fallout 4.

where to get .44 ammo in fallout 4

A snubnosed.44 pistol might be found inside a drawer in the Federal Surveillance Center K-21B in the south part of the map. A snubnosed.44 pistol may be found in an open safe in the upstairs rooms of the National Guard barracks. Multiple snubnosed.44 pistols may be found on some of the bodies of raiders in and around Dunwich Borers.

Even though you can use melee weapons while doing VATS, I completely detest the idea, so it’s either going full frontal or going full cover if ever I’m forced to use VATS. And with that said, I’ve found some pretty good tips and tricks on how to conserve ammunition in Fallout 4, so without further ado, here are a few things you can do if you want

to save on your precious lead bullets.

1.) Change the difficulty from Normal to either Very Hard or Survival mode  

If you’re not a fan of getting 1-4 shots off just to take down that one raider with the minigun, then maybe changing the difficulty from Normal to either Very Hard or Survival mode would give you your needed edge.

It’s not necessarily about how accurate your weapon is, but more so on how much damage it can deal in a single shot. For example, a .44 will definitely deal more damage than that same gun when it’s on a lower difficulty, therefore you can conserve ammo if you’re going for head shots.

2.) Use the VATS mode

I’m not a fan of using grenades or similar explosives to take down enemies at a distance because I feel like Fallout 4 could be better if the grenades only detonated when you used V.A.T.S., but whether or not that’s just me, using VATS can still help you conserve ammunition for your less accurate weapons by taking out enemies in slow motion.

If ever I encounter too many enemies to handle at one time or if I come across a patrol that I know I can’t take down without a lot of collateral damage, then yes, you better believe that I’m going to start using VATS as much as possible. Even though using V.A.T.S. does give your enemies the chance to pelt you with bullets or even grenades, it still gives you more time to recover once you’ve finished shooting up with VATS, so even though it’s not an invincible button, using the VATS mode is still better than trying to take on enemies head-on.

3.) Sneak out of your enemies instead of shooting them in the back

This one is pretty simple. Sneak behind your enemy and shoot them in the head, but make sure you wait for them to turn around or even walk away, because if they catch a glimpse of you, then all bets are off.


I know that it’s not the most efficient method in the world, but I still love to play Fallout 4 like a stealth game. That means that I’m always doing everything that I can to make sure that my enemy never sees me coming (or better yet, never sees me at all), and if you feel like playing Fallout 4 like a stealth game too, then you can utilize some of aforementioned tips and tricks to help you out.

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