Asus Ai Auite Aupport Motherboard

Since the motherboard is designed to be used with so many Asus series, it can work with the Asus Auite, which enables you to connect your stereo system while watching movies. But if you’ve tested this on your own and found nothing worked,this may be caused by some missing parts on your motherboard or the new driver that does not support the Asus Auite.

For this solution to work, you should have installed the latest drivers of your motherboard and also have all Asus software that are used for installation on the motherboard. Also do not forget to turn off Auite mode if it is already turned on or try disabling Auite Support Driver in Device Manager. If none of these solutions worked.

What is Asus Ai Auite

You may try the following alternative:

  • Update or download and install an alternative driver instead of Asus Auite support driver, such as Realtek HD Audio Driver. You can download this from the official website of Realtek  and install it on your computer.
  • Launch the Windows command prompt as administrator. To do this, open the start menu and search for the command prompt. Right click on it, then left click on run as administrator.

What is the Asus Ai Auite Aupport Motherboard and what does it do

In the command prompt, type in each of these commands one by one and press enter after you’ve completed typing in each line:

When done, restart your computer before trying to play any movie with sound. It should work now. If not, you might want to try installing Realtek Sound Manager which you can download from the link provided in the reference section below.

How to identify if you need a new motherboard

If you aren’t sure which driver or software is causing this issue, try to uninstall each of the Asus drivers and software on your computer then reinstall them one at a time (one particular program at a time) until you figure out which one is causing it. This way you can learn which Asus module needs to be updated or downloaded.

Also, if the drivers are installed correctly but there is still no sound coming out of your speakers even after trying all solutions above, it is possible that this issue may be caused by a malfunctioning motherboard/sound card. If it’s time for you to upgrade your computer, you can visit this site  for a list of cheap replacement motherboards that you can buy.

How to install the Asus Ai Auite Aupport Motherboard

Uninstall any Asus sound or software that you have installed on your computer. Install the latest version of Asus Ai Suite software  that is compatible with your motherboard (if you aren’t sure about which one to install, download and install the latest version). After installation, restart your computer and launch the program. Now try to enable Auite mode on your computer. If it doesn’t work, try the following method:

  • Press Windows key + R then type in regedit and press Enter. If you are prompted by UAC, click yes. This will open the Registry Editor window.
  • In registry editor navigate to this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareVivitar
  • Right click on the Vivitar folder then select New-> Key then name it AuiteSupport. Once you have created that new key, right click on it and select New-> DWORD(32bit) Value. Name this 32-Bits value as Enabled. Double-click on Enabled and set its value data to 0.
  • Restart your computer and try to play a movie with sound again. This should work now. If not, you might want to try installing an alternative driver such as Realtek HD Audio Driver  instead of the Asus Auite support driver mentioned in steps 1-5.

What are some of the benefits of using the Asus Ai Auite Aupport Motherboard

Another alternative is to install the Asus Support Driver  which you can download from the official website of Asus.

Resolution of Asus Ai Auite Aupport Motherboard Issue Unfortunately, there are no other ways to resolve this issue aside from using one of the methods above. If you tried all three solutions I have mentioned above and it still didn’t work for you, then your only option left.

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