Bloons TD 6: How to use each Hero

There are many similarities between this game and other games in the tower defense genre, but there are also differences that make it stand out from some of its competitors. Players get to choose which hero they play as at the start of each level; different heroes come with different abilities which can help you defend your side better against attacks by enemies like balloons or monkey bombs. These unique aspects of the game makes it stand out and provides for more strategy in how you play.

How to use the Sniper Monkey

The Sniper Monkey is an offensive tower, so you should place it close to the path where the enemies move through. It has a long range and deals high damage, making it perfect for attacking balloons and other air type enemies. If you want to destroy monkey bombs as fast as possible, try placing multiple Sniper Monkeys on opposite sides of the path where the monkey bombs come from.

How to use the Ninja Monkey

The Ninja Monkey is a support tower, so you should place it further from the path where enemies move through. Ninja Monkeys are good for taking out large groups of enemies at once. They also help defend other towers by making it harder for enemies to attack them, because the Ninja Monkey lays down smoke screens in its range that make it harder to see incoming attacks.The Ninja Monkey can eliminate many types of balloons as well as monkey bombs with its shuriken. Plus it has a shorter build time than other towers, allowing you to quickly upgrade it when necessary.

How to use the Boomerang Thrower  Monkey

The Boomerang Thrower Monkey is a range tower, so you should place it far from the path where enemies move through. It throws boomerangs at enemies which bounce off of obstacles and walls up to three times before disappearing. So if there are multiple paths enemies can take, be sure to place this tower on both sides of those paths to maximize its range.

How to use the Engineer Monkey

The Engineer Monkey is a support tower, so you should place it further from the path where enemies move through. It builds and repairs other towers, so placing one near other towers is a great way to upgrade them quickly. This tower can heal monkey bombs as well, so it’s good for eliminating those pesky little guys before they reach your base!

How to use the Priestess of Time

The Priestess of Time is a support tower, so you should place it further from the path where enemies move through. She can slow down enemies, making it easier for other towers to take them out. She can also stop time for a brief period, which can be really helpful if there are lots of enemies attacking your base at the same time.

What is the best hero in BTD6

There is no one “best” hero in Bloons TD 6. Different players may prefer different heroes for different reasons. Some heroes may be better at taking out certain types of enemies than others, and some may be better at supporting other towers. Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide which hero they want to use and how best to use their abilities to defend their base.


Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game with many heroes to choose from. Each hero has its own special ability and strengths that can be used in different situations. Knowing when and how to use the hero is essential in order for them to be effective. With some practice, players can learn when to use their abilities in the best way possible when playing Bloons TD 6.

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