Apple’s newest wireless headphones are a great way to get rid of your headphone wires, but they have one major downside. They need their own charging case that you must carry around with them in order to charge up again after a short period of time. While this might not be an issue for most people, it can become annoying when you’re on the go and forget your charger at home or work. Luckily there is some good news: You probably won’t die if you try plugging any USB power bank into an Airpod! Let’s find out how long each device will hold its charge before running out so we don’t panic about the last minute rush to recharge our missing battery pack.,

The “Can I Use a 20W Charger on Airpods?” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to the question is yes, but there are some limitations.

Owners of Apple’s new 20-watt iPhone charger can charge their devices quicker than ever before.

The convenience of plugging in and having fifty options

It’s an evolutionary experience to get a hundred percent of your iPhone’s battery back in thirty minutes.

Apple fans may be asking whether they can use their new 20-watt charger with their AirPods to enjoy the same rapid charging experience.

Can I Charge AirPods with a 20W Charger?

Apple AirPods owners may use the Apple-branded 20-watt charger to charge their AirPod charging case quickly. The greater wattage will quickly charge the AirPod case to full capacity, compared to the regular charging block that came with it.

The cross-compatibility of software and hardware components is what makes the Apple ecosystem so appealing.

While we don’t regularly tamper with Apple hardware, we do replace out chargers and device dongles/adapters on a regular basis.

We discovered that the 20-watt charger is ideal for usage with the AirPod charging case during our quest to figure out what works with what.

If it’s an Apple-branded charger, that is.

Third-party items have the potential to cause harm.

There’s no risk of overheating or charging damage with Apple’s 20-watt charger.

Apple has modest components built in to assist monitor and avoid harm caused by charging issues.

Third-party solutions, on the other hand, often lack these minor components for energy transfer monitoring.

Some brands may be safe, but we haven’t conducted the necessary study to identify which is the best.

This is mostly due to the fact that Apple already provides every cable choice that we have need so far.

It’s vital to remember that you shouldn’t leave your AirPods plugged in for more than two hours while using a 20-watt charger.

While Apple has done an excellent job of including security safeguards to prevent its chargers from causing damage to their devices, they are not failsafe.

Allow the case to fully charge before unplugging it.

This will not only assist to avoid overheating and potentially severe damage to your AirPods and charging case, but it will also help to prolong the charging case’s overall life.

The battery within the charging case for the AirPods can only be recharged so many times before it loses its ability to retain a full charge.


Is it okay if I use any 20 watt charger?

Any 20-watt charger that provides a charge to the charging case will technically ‘function.’

However, keeping a strong charging connection on a battery-powered item does not pose this risk.

Without sufficient safety mechanisms, overcharging may occur, resulting in device failure, dangerous temperature levels, or even battery explosions.

We want to believe that we are attentive of what we buy on the market as consumers, but the fact is that lower costs are highly appealing.

We can’t notice the difference between one lightning cable and a third-party lightning cable, but there is one.

It’s advisable to stay with Apple-branded chargers to avoid the hazards of production shortcuts and design defects.

Not only is there a lower risk of equipment failure, but being inside the Apple ecosystem also allows you to access Apple technical help.

If you’re sure you’ve got the appropriate cable and charging block but your AirPods aren’t charging, it’s time to look for any potential problems.

The first thing we suggest is that you only use Apple-branded charging cords and outlet converters.

Third-party items may have difficult-to-resolve or identify difficulties.

Try charging your phone wirelessly.

If you have a wireless charging base station for your AirPods, now is the time to put it to good use. It is not possible to dodge the cable.

This is to ensure that the charging case on your AirPods is receiving incoming power.

If the wireless charger works properly, we may proceed to determining what is wrong with your charging configuration.

Examine the cords physically.

The most frequent issue with wired charging should be checked first.

It’s possible that the cable has been damaged.

Look for slits, fractures, twists, or cuts in your charging cord.

The cable’s ends might wear out and break over time.

It is essential to never twist the cable or cause it to break by pressing an angled cable too hard to avoid these types of damages.

If the cord has any obvious damage, the cable is most likely the source of the problem.

Replace the charging wire if necessary.

Examine the Power Adapter (Charging Block)

If changing the cable did not solve the problem or if the cable is in good condition, the next step is to inspect the outlet adapter.

Check that the pins are connected and that the connecting ports are free of heat damage.

Because charging blocks are normally highly robust, it’s doubtful that a problem with the block would go unnoticed by the owner.

Examine the AirPod Charging Case for any flaws.

If the charging block is in good working order and the cable shows no indications of wear and tear, the problem might be with the charging case itself.

You may be nearing the end of the internal battery’s recharge cycles if you possess the original AirPods.

If the battery is no longer retaining a charge, the charging case may need to be replaced totally.

Examine the Earbuds

It’s a good idea to take out the left and right earphones while you’re inspecting the charging case.

Make sure the charging port connectors aren’t clogged with dirt or wax.


The Apple 20-watt charger is a great complement to your AirPods, iPad Air, and iPhone.

It allows you to charge all of your Apple goods significantly quicker without the risk of overheating.

If your Apple charger isn’t working, perhaps the information in this area helps you figure out what’s wrong and get your devices charged again.

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The “Can you use fast charger on airpods pro” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to the question is no, because the Apple AirPods are designed to only work with the standard 5W charger. Reference: can you use fast charger on airpods pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge my AirPods with 18W charger?

A: Yes.

Can we use fast charger for AirPods?

Can I use 30w charger for AirPods?

A: Yes, you can use any 30w charger with your AirPods.

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