In the last 20 years, mobile devices have changed how we operate in our daily lives. Some might even say that these devices have made us slaves to our own entertainment. Since their introduction, there has been a significant increase of people using these devices; especially young children who are starting out with their first mobile device at an early age.

These same devices are also responsible for creating a very powerful platform that can be used to entertain, communicate, and much more.

The Future of Our Mobile Homes

As this technology advances, it is clear that certain devices are being created to help us in our day to day lives. Take the Amazon Echo for example. The Amazon echo is a voice activated personal assistant that can be found in many homes across America.

This device is very powerful because it allows you to do things through your voice, such as turn on the lights, order a pizza and play your favorite songs.

A device like this is only possible through voice activation technology that was first introduced by Apple with its speech software known as Siri .

This powerful new innovation allows us to ask questions and be able to receive an answer or complete a task without having to pick up our phones; which is the main reason why these devices are growing popular.

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The Impact of AI on Mobile Security

AI ( Artificial Intelligence) is quickly growing in the mobile realm, and it doesn’t look like there is any stopping this technology.

This new form of AI allows the phone to learn something by seeing or hearing it only once. This means that your phone could record you saying a phrase and use it against you, by setting your digital voice to say that phrase; which would be an invasion of privacy.

One of the uses of AI within our mobile devices is to help us find products or objects like clothing, books, food, etc. by scanning images with the camera on our phone.

An example of this is Amazon’s search feature where you can take a picture and it will identify the image and give you product recommendations.

Overall, AI is more beneficial to us than harmful, but it must be monitored by both users and companies because of its implications on privacy.

The Impact of Augmented Reality On Education

Augmented reality (AR) has been around for some time now, but it is starting to make a huge impact in the educational world.

AR has been used to help scientists visualize data, but now it is being introduced into classrooms across America to help students learn with visual aids.

An example of this would be an app that helps students better understand the human body by allowing them to see different organs inside a virtual body or having graphics appear inside a cell to show how chemicals react.

Overall, AR has tremendous educational benefits and will be an important resource for students within the near future.

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The Impact of 3D Technology On Entertainment

3D technology was very popular in the early 2000s, but it began to diminish when consumers started complaining about headaches and other health problems associated with this technology.

3D has been used in many different forms of media, such as movies and mobile devices.

The main issue with 3D was that the viewer had to wear specific glasses and it affected some more than others. Since then, new and improved 3D technologies have come out that don’t rely on glasses and the technology is making a strong comeback in the media world.

Parker has an Android Smartphone. Which Type of Processor is Used in his Mobile Device?

Processors are the brain of an electronic device. They control what happens, when it happens and how it happens.

The word ‘device’ implies that Parker has more than one phone, so this means he probably has at least two different types of processors running his phones.

Since Parker’s phone is running Android, it means that his phones are using an ARM processor because all devices that use Android run on the ARM architecture.


AI is a beneficial tool that can be used to make our lives easier, especially when it comes to having access to information through voice activated devices.

AR has great educational benefits for students of all grades and age groups.

3D technology had been largely phased out until recent improvements made 3D an attractive option again.


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