The new update on Instagram allows users to add their current temperature to the story. This new update has been introduced by Instagram for Android device. The function of adding temperature is available in the “location tagger” option that can be selected multiple times within a 24-hour period. However, this feature isn’t available for iOS devices as of now.

This feature has been introduced mainly to help users by providing them with the accurate temperature whenever they post a story. This new update from Instagram also helps users from different regions and cities that have their own living environment by customizing their posts according to the temperature conditions of that location. This update will not only help users from different regions but also helps in promoting tourism.

This new update on Instagram may seem helpful to many people but some also believe that this feature should have been introduced under a different section and not under the “location tagger” option which is currently being used for adding multiple locations.

The new update on Instagram: How to add temperature?

Open your Instagram app and tap on your profile icon at the lower-right corner of the screen. Now, click on the location where you want to insert the temperature tag. If you want multiple tags, you can select as many as possible within 24 hours. After selecting the location, if your temperature is more than 70F or 21C then click on “Temperature” at the top bar and type in the current temperature followed by F or C accordingly. If it shows a temperature lesser than 70F or 21C then you have to choose between adding F or C after the temperature. To add Fahrenheit, type in “Current Temperature (F)” and to add Celsius, type in “Current Temperature (C)”. After this step you will notice that the temperature will be added on top of your profile picture where it says “Location tagger” along with the number of times you selected the location.

Open the Instagram app  on your device.

Tap on the account icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

From your profile, click on location tagging to select the place you want to add temperature for. If you wish to add multiple locations, just repeat the process within a 24 hour window.

After selecting your location(s), look for “Temperature” at the top of your screen and select it.

Type in the current temperature next to Fahrenheit or Celsius if needed. If you’d like to use Farenheit, type “Current Temperature (F)” and if Celsius is what you’re looking for, the tag should be “Current Temperature (C)”.

Type in what you would like for the temperature to be and press enter, then touch “Done” at the top right of your phone’s screen

Add text if desired by tapping on “Add Text” below your picture, then typing whatever you want to say below it

Press “Next” at the bottom left of your screen until it says “Save & Share.” This will save all changes made so far and allow you to share them with friends on Instagram stories!

After this is done, you will notice that your temperature will now be listed next to your location tagger option. You can do this multiple times within a 24 hour window.

how to put temperature on instagram story

People have already started using the update and sharing their stories and pictures on Instagram with the temperature mentioned. This will help people from different places know what temperatures they should expect in different regions, but some are having issues with the temperature being inaccurate. People from different places would have a difference in their daily life according to the current temperature, which scrolling through stories to find out the weather might not be as accurate as needed. Instagram should make this more functional and accurate so that people don’t miss out on their weather conditions.

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