A problem that many iPhone users face is charging the battery. It’s a common issue across devices, but Apple has provided a solution in their newest model—the iPhone 7. The phone’s fast charge technology means you can juice up your phone with ease and potentially save some time when it comes to downtime for recharging. There are three simple ways to charge your new device faster than ever before!

The “iphone 7 fast charging support” is a guide on how to charge your iPhone faster. It also includes what you need to know about the new features of the iPhone 7, such as wireless charging and fast charging.

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Long charging periods are a popular concern among iPhone 7 customers, since the provided 1-amp or 5-watt Apple charger is incapable of charging the iPhone 7 at its fastest supported charging rate. The good news is that with a 2.4 amp fast charger, you can charge your iPhone at a rate that is more than twice as fast as the Apple iPhone 7 charger ( UK-Type Plug version ).

The new iPhone 13 and 12 series phones (as well as the iPhone 11/SE 2020 and others) feature 20-watt USB-C PD fast charging but do not include a charger. If you want to upgrade in the near future, a future-proof USB-C charger (UK type Plug version) is available. This will fast-charge your iPhone 7 at 2x the speed of an Apple charger right now, and at 20 watts in the future for future iPhone 13 series/12/12 Pro/12 Mini/11/XR/SE 2020, etc (zero to 60 percent in 30 mins).

Here are a few options for charging your iPhone 7 quickly, from 0% to 50% in around 30 minutes.

With a 2.4 amp charger, you can quickly charge your iPhone 7.

Using a 2.4 amp output wall charger, you can charge the iPhone 7 at its maximum supported charging speed in no time. For charging iPhone 7 from zero to 50% in around 30 minutes, we suggest Anker’s superb Powerport 2 Elite 2.4 amp twin USB port charger (UK-Type Plug version) (almost twice as fast as Apple iPhone 7 stock charger).

How-to-Charge-iPhone-11-Fastest-iPhone-11-USB-CAnker PowerPort 2 Elite is a foldable small charger that charges iPhone 7 twice as quickly as Apple’s standard 1-amp iPhone 7 charger.

A dual USB port charger is a better choice than a single port charger since it costs almost the same as a single port charger and enables you to charge two phones (or your power bank and your phone) or your iPad and iPhone at high speeds at the same time. All iPads support 2.4 amp charging, and a dual 2.4 amp USB charger will enable you to simultaneously charge your iPhone and iPad at their fastest allowed rates.

If you have a power bank like the Anker Powercore Lite 10000 or PowerCore 20100, a two port charger is an excellent addition. The 2.4 amp charger will charge the power bank in half the time it takes to charge the iPhone. For example, charging the PowerCore 20100 using an iPhone charger takes over 20 hours, but charging it with an Anker PowerPort 2 Elite twin port charger takes roughly 10 hours.

A Future Proof USB-C PD + 2.4 amp charger is the quickest way to charge your iPhone 7.

All new iPhones (and iPads) launched after 2018 feature USB-C PD fast charging (iPhone 13/12, 11, XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8, 8 Plus). This implies that with a USB-C PD charger like the Anker 32 watt Dual Port ( UK type Plug version) and a USB-C to Lightning connection, you can charge your iPhone 8/8+/XR/XS/11/12/13 in roughly 30 minutes from zero to 50%.

We suggest getting a twin port or multi-port PD charger with a 2.4 amp capable USB port if you want optimum future compatibility. Anker 32 watt Dual Port or Anker Powerport PD 2 are two excellent examples. This will enable you to charge your old iPhone 7 as quickly as possible, as well as any new iPhone 13/12/11/XR/XS/8, or iPad that you may purchase, at rates ranging from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes.

A two port 2.4 amp vehicle charger may also be used.

With a QuickCharge charger or a power bank, you can charge your iPhone 7 quickly.

A USB-C PD power bank, such as the Anker PowerCore 10000 PD or PowerAdd 10000 PD, is the most future-proof portable fast-charging option for the iPhone 7, as well as newer iPhone 13/12/11 and other models. Support for super-fast USB-C charging up to 60% in 30 minutes. Because USB-C power banks are now the same price as non-USB-C power banks, getting a USB-C power bank instead of a regular power bank makes sense.

All Quickcharge 3.0/2.0 wall chargers for Samsung/LG Android phones can also produce the 2 amp current At 5 volts necessary for rapid charging for the iPhone 7. This implies that any Quickcharge 3.0 or Quickcharge 2.0 wall charger will work. All new Samsung phones come with a Quickcharge 2.0 comparable charger that can charging the iPhone 7 quickly as well. Similarly, most Android phones these days (LG G8, G7, G6, V40, V30, V20, and so on) come with Quickcharge 3.0/2.0 chargers that may be used to quickly charge the iPhone 7.

If you have a Quickcharge 3.0/2.0 phone, such as a Samsung S/Note/A series, LG G8/G7/G6, or Moto G7/G6/G5, you may use the charger from your Samsung/LG/Moto phone to quickly charge the iPhone 7. iPhone 7 may also be charged quickly using Quickcharge 3.0 power banks.

With a 2.4 amp portable charger or power bank, you can quickly charge your iPhone 7.

If you want to charge your iPhone 7 quicker while you’re not near a power outlet, the best option is to use a 2.4 amp portable charger (power bank). These power banks charge the iPhone 7 at the same rate as a 2.4 amp power adaptor, making them ideal for use during vacation or commutes.

PowerCore Lite 10000 and PowerCore 20100 are two decent 2.4 amp capable and reasonably priced power banks.

All power banks that support Quickcharge 3.0/2.0 will charging the iPhone 7 at 2.4 amps. If you have a Quickcharge 3.0/2.0 phone like the Samsung S/Note/A series, you may use a Quickcharge 3.0/2.0 power bank like the ZMI 10000 QC 3.0 or the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 to quickly charge both your Samsung phone and the iPhone 7.

Many PD-enabled power banks additionally have a second USB connector capable of delivering 2.4 or 2 amps to the iPhone 7. A PD power bank will charge both your phone and your iPhone 7 at the highest rates if you have a USB-C PD capable phone, such as the iPhone 13/12/11/XR/XS/8, Samsung S10/S9, or any Google Pixel.

With the iPad charger, you can quickly charge your iPhone 7.

Apple 10/12 watt stock chargers come standard with iPads, and these 10/12 watt chargers may also be used to charge your iPhone 7 at its quickest pace. You can also fast charge the iPhone 7 using your iPad Pro USB-C PD charger, as well as the iPad Air 2021, mini 2021, and iPad 2021 chargers.

What Does and Doesn’t Fast Charge Mean for iPhones?

From a dead battery to an 80 percent charge, the iPhone charges quickly. The charging current decreases drastically below 1 amp after 80 percent, and the kind of charger (1 amp or 2 amp) makes no difference. This implies that quick charging works best when your phone’s battery is at a very low level, and it won’t make a difference if it’s at 80%. With the default charger, the iPhone 7 charges from zero to 50 percent in roughly 50 minutes, but with a 2.4 amp charger, it charges from zero to 50 percent in 30 minutes, cutting the charging time to 50 percent by 20 minutes.

Also, the larger your iPhone’s battery is, the greater the difference between 2.4 amp charging and 1 amp charging. The iPhone 7 Plus, for example (2900 mah battery). A 2.4 amp charger can charge it from zero to full in less than an hour. When compared to a 1 amp charger, a 2.4 amp charger charges the iPhone entirely from empty (0 to 100) in around 30 minutes shorter (about 1 hour 50 minutes) (about 2 hours 20 minutes).


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The “iphone 7 fast charger price” is a guide that will show you how to charge your iPhone 7 faster. This includes tips and tricks for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my iPhone 7 charge faster?

A: There are multiple different ways you can make your iPhone charge faster. To start, it might be that there is something wrong with the charger or cable that you are using to plug in your phone. If this is the case, try a new one out and see if things change for the better! You could also just purchase a wireless charging pad which will allow for more power transfer than standard plugs would provide.

Can you charge an iPhone 7 with a fast charger?

A: No, you cannot charge an iPhone 7 with a fast charger. The Lightning port on the phone is not rated to handle such high-speed charging. Some third party chargers might be able to do this though as they may have higher voltage capacities than Apples standard ones.

Can you charge iPhone 7 with 20W?

A: If you are an iPhone 7 Plus and your charger is a 20W power adapter, it should be able to charge the device. However, if your charger is anything less than that, it might not work with the phone.

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