The Chromebook has been a success for many reasons, but one of the most appreciated features is its ability to take screenshots. This article will explain how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook using a Windows PC in 2021.

Screenshots are a great way to capture and share important moments in your life. They can be used for everything from sharing on social media, to saving in a photo album or even as an email attachment.

2021 – How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook on a Windows PC More individuals are using Chromebooks to get work done as the technology improves. I’ll count you as one of them, and you’ve arrived to the stage when a screenshot is required. Fortunately, Google has included this functionality in Chrome OS.

On a Windows PC, how can you take a screenshot on a Chromebook?

On a Windows 10 PC Laptop, how do you take a screenshot on a Chromebook?

Here’s how to capture Chromebook screenshots, locate them, and share them. We’ll also go through some excellent Chromebook apps that let you snap photos and modify them with annotations right in the browser.

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If you’re acquainted with Microsoft Windows, look for the Print Screen button to locate your Chromebook keyboard. Although the Chromebook lacks a dedicated screenshot key, you may still take a screenshot in the same manner.

Use the Show Windows button to take a snapshot of your full screen or a portion of your screen (including your login screen).

This button has a rectangular stack on top of it, which represents numerous windows. Between the Fullscreen and the Brightness buttons on the top row, this is usually the 5th or 6th button.

  • Ctrl + Show Windows will capture the whole screen.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows to get a partial snapshot, then drag the selection to the size you desire.

How to Capture a Screenshot on a Chromebook Tablet

Many recent Chromebooks feature displays that can be folded backward, allowing you to use your laptop as a tablet. This is one of the new Chromebook’s more intriguing features.

Because the keyboard is no longer active in tablet mode, and the virtual keyboard lacks the same keys, Google has devised a workaround for taking screenshots. Simply press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons.

What is the location of your screenshot? 

Chrome OS will store your screenshot to your Downloads folder automatically. The picture will be in PNG format, with the date and time included in the name. Screenshot 201-02-15 at 1.22.47 PM.png, for example.

How-To-Take-Screenshot-On-Chromebook-On-Windows-PC-2021Using a Convertible Chromebook Tablet, take a screenshot.

As soon as you capture a screenshot, a notice will display. The quickest method to locate your file is to click on this notice. Chrome OS will launch the Files app and choose the picture.

If you miss or remove a notice by mistake, you may retrieve it by selecting the System symbol near the clock and scrolling down the notification list.

You may also browse to the file on your own. To access the Downloads area, open the File program and go to the Downloads tab.

How to Distribute a Screenshot 

You may access files on a Chromebook just as you would on any other device. This snapshot may be attached to an email, shared on social media, uploaded to cloud storage, or copied to a USB drive or SD card.

A notice appears when you connect in a detachable drive, such as a USB stick or SD card. To access the storage available in the File program, click the button.

A flash drive or SD card may also be found in the application’s sidebar.

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Another fast method to get this snapshot on another device is to drag and drop it into the Files app’s Google Drive area.

If you prefer Dropbox, OneDrive, or another cloud storage service, you must visit their website and submit a snapshot to your account.

Note: If you’re using a guest account, save the file to an SD card or Google Drive before exiting.

When a visitor logs out, the download folder under their guest account is kept empty, ensuring that any screenshots are erased.

Web Apps and Extensions for Google Chrome

While Chrome OS has evolved beyond just a computer’s web browser, the majority of the experience is still focused on Google Chrome. Installing the Chrome extension will enhance the capabilities of your machine.

1634012985_660_How-To-Take-Screenshot-On-Chromebook-On-Windows-PC-2021Web Apps and Extensions for Google Chrome

There are also a slew of Chrome addons for taking screenshots. It’s available in the Chrome Web Store.

Some Chrome extensions or online apps, such as Awesome Screenshot, let you modify or annotate your screens right away, giving you access to features that aren’t available by default in Chrome OS.

1634012987_947_How-To-Take-Screenshot-On-Chromebook-On-Windows-PC-2021Web Apps and Extensions for Google Chrome 1

1634012988_125_How-To-Take-Screenshot-On-Chromebook-On-Windows-PC-2021Web Apps and Extensions for Google Chrome 2

Despite the fact that Google no longer provides official Chrome screenshot extensions, Save to Google Drive is one that you may find helpful.

Using the right-click context menu, you may save pictures straight to your Google Drive with this extension.

Awesome Screenshot (Download) (Free)

Apps that work with Chromebooks are a good place to start.

The screenshot shortcut for a Chromebook in tablet mode is the same as for an Android device, as you may have noticed. The resemblance does not end there.

You can now take screenshots on your Chromebook in the same manner you do on an Android device now that it comes with Google Play.

1634012989_175_How-To-Take-Screenshot-On-Chromebook-On-Windows-PC-2021Apps that work with Chromebooks are a good place to start.

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Friends, that’s how to capture screenshots on Chromebook, which not only works on Chromebooks but also has an interface that scales up to a bigger screen.

The folder interface makes it simple to browse screenshots, and the program has its own editing capabilities.

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The screenshot chromebook shortcut is a step-by-step guide to take screenshots on Chromebook on Windows PC.

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To take a screenshot on your Chromebook, press the power button and volume-down key simultaneously.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you screenshot on a Windows 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Press Alt+PrtScn on your keyboard.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you screenshot on Google Chrome PC?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
To screenshot on Google Chrome PC, you can press the Print Screen button on your keyboard.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you screenshot on chromebook 2021?

To take a screenshot on your Chromebook, press the power button and volume-down key simultaneously.

How do you screenshot on a Windows 2021?

Press Alt+PrtScn on your keyboard.

How do you screenshot on Google Chrome PC?

To screenshot on Google Chrome PC, you can press the Print Screen button on your keyboard.

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