Far Cry Primal is an amazing game. It uses the latest tech to make a title that feels like Far Cry 3 but with more of everything. The downside? No sound, which was something the developers were aware of and took care of quickly by adding in their own audio engine.

The “far cry 4 no sound after intro” is a problem that has been present for a while. There are multiple fixes to fix the issue.

The sound is there in the opening or cut-scene once Far Cry Primal launches, however there is no sound or sound effects after the action begins.

How can you fix the sound issue in Far Cry Primal?

Simply follow the methods below to remedy the issue with no sound:

  1. — «x3daudio1 0.dll — x3daudio1 7.dll» — «x3daudio1 0.dll — x3daudio1 7.dll» — «x3daudio1 0.dll — x3daudio1 7.dll» — «x3daudio1 0 — «XAudio2 0.dll — XAudio2 7.dll» — «XAudio2 0.dll — XAudio2 7.dll» — «XAudio There are a total of 16 files that must be deleted.
  2. You must now install the most recent version of DirectX (directX may be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website). Navigate to the Far Cry PrimalSupportSoftwareDirectX folder in the game folder and execute DXSETUP.exe to get the newest version.
  3. After restarting the computer, the sound issue should be resolved.


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The “Detroit: Become Human no sound” is a problem that has been present for a while. The game can be fixed by turning off the in-game audio, or restarting the PS4. Reference: detroit: become human no sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix far cry primal no sound?

A: There are a few possible causes for this issue. If you have an Xbox One or PS4 controller, then try to connect one of those controllers with the game and see if that helps. Another possibility is your router might be causing interference in games online. In order to test this, go into your settings menu on every device connected through the same network as far cry primal and turn off any updates or changes made by these devices.

Why does my game have no sound?

A: The first thing you need to do is make sure that your headphones are plugged into a working port on the front of the console. If it still doesnt work, try using an auxiliary cable and plugging them in there instead.

How do you fix no sound on Far Cry 4?

A: This is a difficult issue to troubleshoot without more information about what the problem is. Please be sure you have followed all of the steps in this guide and provided any other relevant information requested before contacting Ubisoft Technical Support or your local retailer for assistance.

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