I am a project that seeks to provide clean architecture, based on Dagger 2. This article is an introduction to the concept of clean architecture and why it’s useful for software applications.

The “hilt fragment factory” is a small training project that uses dagger, dagger hilt and other components. The goal of the project was to create a clean architecture for an app.


LeagueNow is an Android application that shows how to utilize contemporary Android programming tools to create a soccer team list (Kotlin, Architecture Components, Clean Architecture with MVVM, Room, Material Components).

You may download and test the most recent version of the app.



You may use the TheSportsDB API to load a list of teams in a given soccer league, as well as examine the information of a team, add it to your favorites, access the team’s social networks, and much more.

  • Material UI that is both clean and simple.
  • It also supports a dark theme.

Trello was used to supplement task management and the proper use of agile principles; you can view the work board here (LeagueNow Tablero) Trello.

‘Built With’ is a phrase that means ‘built with.’

  • Kotlin is an Android programming language that is first-class and official.
  • Coroutines – oroutines make it simple to program in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. Execution may be paused and restarted at a later time using coroutines.
  • Android Architecture Components are a set of libraries that help you create applications that are reliable, tested, and maintained.
    • LiveData — Data objects that alert viewers to changes in the underlying database.
    • ViewModel — The ViewModel class is used to store and manage user interface data in a lifecycle-friendly manner.
    • ViewBinding — A feature that makes it simpler to build code that interacts with views is ViewBinding.
    • In Android, Room is an ORM (object relational mapper) for SQLite databases. It’s part of Google’s Architecture Components collection.
    • Navigation – The Android Navigation Component makes the app’s whole navigation system simple to control.
  • Koin -… is a Kotlin dependency injection framework. It’s written completely in Kotlin, which is why it’s so fast and light, and it has excellent Android compatibility.
  • Retrofit –…is a Square-developed type-safe REST client for Android, Java, and Kotlin. With OkHttp, the library offers a robust framework for authenticating and communicating with APIs, as well as making network requests.
  • Glide –…is an Image Loader Library for Android that was created by bumptech and is a Google-recommended library.
  • Material Components for Android – Material Design UI components for Android that are modular and customisable.

Postman services were utilized in the app and were tested.

Postman Docs) API may be found here.


(Clean Architecture with MVVM) architecture is used in this project.



You may contact me if you need assistance.


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Visit Github for further information.

The “hilt dependency graph” is a small training project where dagger, dagger hilt and other components are used for clean architecture. The project is designed to help people understand how to use the components in their projects.

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