Photo frames are the perfect way to get the party started. These apps will help you find a frame that fits your style and theme.

The best photo frames app for iphone free is a topic that will help you find the best photo frame apps for your phone. This article will provide you with 6 of the most popular photo frames available on both iPhone and Android.


Do you wish to dress up your pictures with trendy photo frames? If that’s the case, this post will detail the finest picture frame applications for iPhone and Android. These picture frame applications come with a variety of functions, including some that are unique.

Some picture frame applications provide a fast grid photo collage creation feature that allows you to add photo frames. On your iPhone or Android, you may try any of these beautiful picture frame applications.

Apps with the Best Photo Frames

1. ImgLabs Pro: Photo Editor & Photo Frame App (iOS & Android)-

One of the finest picture editing applications for iPhone users is ImgLabs. It has over 25 picture editing choices, including a photo collage frame, a photo frame, and a fashionable photo border tool.

The ImgLabs app has a lot of features, including a variety of picture stickers. Hundreds of picture stickers are available, including moustaches, beards, eye glasses, tattoos, super hero costumes, male and female clothing, hair wigs, and more. Photo editing and framing capabilities are also included in the app.

This software would be the ideal choice for you if you want to display your memorable memories in a single picture collage frame.

You may use this software to make stunning picture collages using a large number of images. Using the collage layout tool, you can also customize the color of your frame and apply various layout patterns. The following are the app’s main features:-

  • You may experiment with various picture collage and photo frames.
  • Photo filters, effects, textures, and color effects may all be applied to your pictures.
  • Add moustaches, eye spectacles, hair wigs, costumes, and more to your pictures using a variety of photo stickers and objects.
  • Create Instagram and other social media picture collages that are square-fit.
  • More than 25 fun picture editing tools are available to help you produce new images or modify existing ones.


Install the ImgLabs app on your iPhone.

Install the ImgLabs app on your Android device.

2. Photo Lab: The Best Photo Frame App for iPhone and Android –

It’s one of the finest picture frame applications for iPhone and Android, and it’s jam-packed with features.

If you want to experiment with various picture effects, photo filters, amusing face photomontages, attractive backdrops, a collage creator tool, and other features, here is the place to go.

The software comes with a plethora of fantastic options for making your pictures more appealing.

You can quickly transform your basic photos into beautiful shots with the Photo Lab app.

You may simply apply various styles of picture effects such as tiger, gangster, nun, and many more to your appearance with only a single touch on the app.

Over 800 photomontages and photo effects are included in the program. One of the finest picture framing apps for making beautiful photo collages, adding amusing photo frames, and applying creative effects to your photos.


Install the Photo Lab app on your Android device.

Install the Photo Lab app on your iPhone.

3. PIP Camera Pro (iPhone & Android): Add a beautiful picture frame –

Pip camera pro allows you add beautiful PIP picture frames to your photos. The software includes a large number of free picture frames that can be simply added to your photos.

You can also use PIP backdrop with trendy effects to personalize your photos. You may use the program to experiment with various Picture-In-Picture Photo effects on your pictures.

A strong picture collage creation tool, photo editing capabilities, and a plethora of magazine-style PIP photo frames are all included in this handy software.

This picture frame app is a must-try if you want any of these capabilities on your smartphone. One of the most attractive picture frame applications available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.


Install the PIP Camera app on your Android device.

Install the PIP Camera app on your iPhone.

4. PicsArt Photo Studio: A Beautiful Photo Framing Tool for iPhone and Android |

PicsArt Photo Studio is a full-featured picture editor that lets you create beautiful photo frames to your images. The software has a lot of options and allows you to give your photos a professional look.

A full collection of picture editing tools, a photo collage creator tool with customization choices, free photo stickers, clip arts and photo sticker creation tool, and a variety of attractive photo frames are all included in the program.

Photo mixing tool, magic effects, sticker creator tool, professional drawing tool, pro camera, photo cloning option to edit photos, and hundreds of backdrops with fashionable photo frame are all included in PicsArt photo studio.

For smartphone users, this is one of the finest picture frame applications.


On Android, get the PicsArt Photo Studio app.

On your iPhone, download the PicsArt Photo Studio app.

5. Pic Collage – Photo Editor and Frame ( iPhone & Android ) –

Pic Collage is a popular picture frame software for smartphone users that allows them to make quick photo collages with attractive photo frames.

Picture editing capabilities, a fast photo collage creator tool, a plethora of photo stickers and Gifs, traditional, grid, and freestyle collage templates, and many more tools are now included in the program.

You may also use stickers and frames to embellish your pictures. There are a lot of picture stickers in the app.

With the Pic Collage software, you can quickly transform your ordinary photos into professional-looking images. Hundreds of stunning picture frames with gorgeous backgrounds are included in the app.

Thousands of picture stickers, gorgeous borders, and professional photo editing tools are all available for free via the app.

For iPhone and Android users, we recommend the Photo Frame app.


On Android, get the Pic Collage app.

On your iPhone, download the Pic Collage app.

6. Photo Grid – Best Collage & Photo Frames for iPhone and Android –

PhotoGrid app for iPhone and Android is the ideal choice if you want a fully featured software to utilize all kinds of picture and video beautifying features.

The software has a variety of helpful features, such as attractive picture frames that can be customized.

You may use the app to edit pictures, retouch photos, make photo collages, add elegant photo frames, apply creative effects, and edit and create video collages.

One of the most helpful applications available on the App Store and Google Play. PhotoGrid also has AR filters for creating out-of-the-ordinary pictures and movies.

The app gives you access to a variety of functions and may be downloaded for free on your smartphone.

PhotoGrid includes over 300 picture collage designs, hundreds of elegant photo frames, 500+ photo stickers, 60+ photo effects, and over 90 stunning backgrounds. For iPhone and Android users, this is one of the finest picture frame applications.


To get the Android apk file, go to the Photo Grid website.

Photo Grid is a free app for iPhone.

The best photo frame app for ipad is a popular application that allows you to add beautiful borders to your photos. This can be done by selecting the photo, choosing the border style, and then picking the color of the border.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best photo frame app for iPhone?

There are many apps that you can use to take pictures on your iPhone, but the best one is called Moment.

How do you frame photos on iPhone?

This is a difficult question to answer. I am not very good at this, but you can find information on the internet about how to frame photos on your phone.

What is the best photo framing app?


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