This is an article about the Doujindesu who changed its domain name from Japanese to English.

The “manhwa” is a comic strip. It’s been around for over 10 years, and it’s still going strong. The “Doujindesu Changed Its Domain Name – Find New One Here” is the official blog of this popular webtoon.


Manga, an amazing Japanese version of comics, has a large following. Manga is ideal for individuals who wish to take a break from reality and enjoy a sequence of thrilling events, a love tale, or a comic book. Manga is a Japanese comic book that recounts a story via a series of pictures.

It is a well-liked genre all across the globe. Manga has a large following not just in Japan but also in other nations. Manga may now be downloaded for free thanks to the Internet. Manga may be downloaded from a variety of sources. Doujindesu is one of the most popular websites for reading and downloading Manga online. It is based on the main idea of Japanese Manga but is written in Indonesian.

What is the meaning of Doujindesu?

All of the Doujinshi on Doujindesu are developed and uploaded by doujin, AKA community members, so it’s not simply another manga website. Because all doujins are made up, they’re a terrific way to pass the time. Furthermore, since most doujinshi are intended for adults, they include sexual material. As a result, before reading Doujinshi at Doujindesu, readers must exercise caution and establish their age.

What is the appeal of Doujindesu?

Doujindesu is a website that enables members of the community to upload their own doujinshi for other users to enjoy. Manga and Manhwa are also available, in addition to doujins. Above all, Doujindesu is completely free, and all of its material is of excellent quality. As a result, there are several benefits to utilizing Doujindesu, which is why it is so popular with the public.

How can I get into Doujindesu? Is Doujindesu a viable option?

Doujindesu has been accessible since its start, however the creators had to modify the site’s name often owing to a variety of factors. If consumers wish to read their favorite manga series or Doujinshi, they must first verify the current website name. Here’s how to go to Doujindesu now that it’s been renamed:

As a result, the next time you wish to visit Doujindesu, keep in mind that the domain name has changed from info to id. You may sort and filter all doujins according to your preferences, then download or read them online.

The Best Doujindeshu Substitutes

Companies that enable people to read online have grown dramatically as a result of the Internet. While there are a lot of websites, most of them have restrictions on what is and isn’t permitted. In Indonesia, Doujindeshu has been a market leader in providing Doujinshi, but Indonesian customers also seek a variety of other items. Many individuals are seeking for a replacement for Doujindeshu, which solely publishes adult manga and manhwa. Here are the top six Doujindeshu options.


KissManga is the biggest manga website in the world, with over 2.5 million free manga volumes available in 125 languages. KISSMANGA is a service that allows you to read Manga online for free and has a large collection of sexual series. It is a good alternative to Doujinshi. Manga aficionados will appreciate the large amount of manga and comic book material accessible in a variety of languages.

High-quality anime and Japanese comics are available in English translation. Every day, it refreshes the website with the greatest, most current Manga and cartoons, ensuring that you never run out of things to read.


There are a plethora of websites that provide free manga downloads, but the most of them are of poor quality. Although many of them claim to provide free Manga downloads, they are riddled with pop-up advertisements, redirect links to other websites, and malware. Manga Fox is unique in that it offers high-quality manga files that are updated on a regular basis.

MangaFox is a great option to Doujindesu if you’re seeking for something different. You may go to Manga Fox’s website and read Manga for free, with no advertisements. It continually refreshes the most recent Manga, ensuring that you never run out of amazing new manga to read! There are even certain series that are just available on Manga Fox that can’t be found anywhere else! Sign up right now!


Mangafox is a website that hosts and archives approximately 56,000 manga and manhwa chapters and titles. They carry a big collection of Manga and comic books and update often. It’s a great location to visit if you like reading and are seeking for a Doujindesu alternative.

Many of the titles on Mangafox aren’t available anywhere else, and it’s also a wonderful location to locate Manga that hasn’t yet been translated into English. Mangafox is a must-have if you like manga and comic books.


If you’re searching for a solid alternative to Doujindesu, Mangaeden is an excellent place to start. Almost any gadget may access the website. Consider how many high-quality manga comics you could read in a day or a week! This website sells manga novels that may be read on your tablet or phone for a reasonable price.

There are more than 50 distinct categories to pick from, each with a plethora of intriguing titles. This contains well-known series like as One Piece, Dragon Ball, and a slew of others. You’ll never run out of tales to read this way! You may simply locate anything worth reading if you know your favorite tales.


MangaHere is a simple website that offers both economical and intriguing manga comics. It’s a free website that enables users to escape reality and immerse themselves in a tale that’s been going on for decades. People may browse through the comics, which are divided into various genres. Each Manga contains a summary and a rating, as well as community feedback.

While not all comics are well-received, there are a number of well-known series that readers will love. If you believe a manga deserves a higher rating, you may leave a comment explaining why. There are also polls to determine which Manga characters people would want to see converted into a live-action film or video game. It’s a fantastic site that all manga fans would appreciate as a substitute for Doujindesu!


MangaTown is more than simply a new online comic site that may be utilized as a replacement for Doujindesu. It’s a brand-new internet comic site. It isn’t finished yet, but that isn’t necessary. It just needs to be present when you need it. It’s not only brand new, but it’s also reasonably priced. Complete chapters are also available for free!

This website combines the advantages of both worlds. It has the thrill of a new manga series, but unlike many other websites, it is completely free. There is a large selection of Manga developed by passionate manga lovers as well as popular studio goods.


Doujindesu was by far the finest venue in Indonesia to read manga. It offers a big number of manga series accessible, all of which include high-quality translations and visuals. The website is simple to browse for Indonesian consumers.

Doujindesu, on the other hand, is an excellent site for reading Japanese erotic comics. However, if you’re looking for a larger range of Manga, there are a slew of additional websites dedicated to Indonesian manga fans. These manga websites may not be in Indonesian, but they do have a large collection of adult manga as well as other popular comics from many genres.

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