Best Fallout Stories

Everyone knows that Bethesda and Obsidian have done a great job making the Fallout series. However, it’s not just them who can make amazing games based off the Fallout world they created. Many people enjoy writing stories about different characters in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, and some of those stories are really good.

The purpose of this article is to highlight some extremely good fan fiction and get the word out about their authors. In total, there are thirteen web serials listed here, but many deserve more than one mention. The stories range from action-packed post-apocalyptic epics, to character based pieces showcasing life in a pre-war world, to stories that focus on societal issues and how they affect people in this world. Note:

why is fallout stuck in the 50s?

Some of these stories are still being written, but they are on an indefinite hiatus. All stories must be complete before it’s listed here. If there is a story missing that you think should be mentioned, let me know! I will gladly look into the story and make sure it meets the criteria above. If you would like to contact me about this article, check the contact section.

The stories are listed in no particular order and can be found on either Literotica or Archive of Our Own. Links to each story will be provided along with summaries and when it was last updated.

The time I found a skeleton in my closet

“This story is based on my Fallout 3 game, where I had a character that looked like Mal from Firefly. One time after she woke up for some reason, I noticed there was a skeleton in her closet. After looking at the stats of the thing, it appeared to be one of the people I had killed early on. This prompted me to redo the early parts of my game, including killing this character. What happened after I did that…you’ll have to read for yourself.”

The day the power went out and I had to survive on canned food

Water is a set of vignettes involving John and his family as they attempt to survive the aftermath of the Great War. “This was inspired by something that happened in my life, where I had to live off canned food for over a week because I didn’t have power or supplies. It was awful. However, these stories really are just about the Murphys and how they are coping with living in a post-nuclear Washington D.C.”

My first encounter with a deathclaw

“What started as a simple one-shot turned into a story dealing with the deathclaw population in Pennsylvania. It grew from there to include other creatures and characters from the Fallout universe, but this originally started as a character study.”

“In this story, I wanted to show how the deaths of two people – one who was responsible for their misery, and one that made them feel better – led to the founding of an assassin group. I tried to show the power of forgiveness and love, without resorting to preaching or sappy dialogue.”

The time I got lost in the wasteland and almost died of dehydration

The Lone Wanderer is sent to Vault 92 due to some problems the overseer has with her. Unfortunately, this vault has a secret that no one could have known about… “This story was inspired by an actual incident where I got lost in the Blue Ridge Mountains and had to drink my own urine just to survive.”


“I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and feel free to share it with your friends or message me if you know of any other good stories that I may have missed. I’m always looking for more fanfic ideas to write and read, and having a variety is important.”

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