Online casinos are very entertaining. They offer hundreds or even thousands of games in a brick-and-mortar casino that you won’t find. But the variety in options doesn’t end there. It extends to how you fund your account.

Apart from the traditional means, many also accept and let you gamble with cryptocurrencies. This means things like online bitcoin gambling have become a possibility. Here, we discuss the various ways to make payments when using online casinos.

How to fund your Casino Account

Most online casinos require you to fund your account before you can play games and earn real money. They also offer several methods for making payments. These methods include:

Card payments

Card payments are the most accepted method of payment in online casinos. There are credit and debit cards, but some examples of these cards include Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. It’s better to have a different card for your gambling activities. This is most important if you gamble regularly. This would help you gamble responsibly and not beyond your set amount.


E-wallets have gained an increase in popularity in online casinos lately due to their ability to easily keep track of all transactions. In addition, withdrawal time is usually quicker with an E-Wallet than with other means. Common e-wallets include Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller, Paypal, EcoPayz, and InstaDebit.

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The acceptance of cryptocurrency as a payment means in online casinos is rising. Ever since the popularity and attention it garnered globally, different companies, businesses, and establishments have turned to it as a payment method. However, if you plan to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment, you should be aware of the volatility that comes with it. This could work in your favor or against you.

There could also be other risks, especially with the security of your crypto wallet. That’s why users playing with crypto should use a different wallet for gambling. Examples of cryptocurrencies mainly used are Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Bitcoin is by far the most popular and valuable. Some casinos will even allow you to use the cryptocurrency itself for your wager.

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is another means to an end when it comes to payments. Most banks partner with casinos. So, it’s easy to deposit money into your casino account from your bank account. A wire transfer is a good option if you would instead be debited from your bank directly. It’s also available as a secure payment means.

Prepaid Cards

While card payments have already been mentioned above, prepaid cards are different. These cards already have funds loaded on them, which you can use to fund your account. They are a great way to remain anonymous and avoid giving personal information to online casinos. This makes them a preferred choice for many punters.

Another thing that makes prepaid cards great is that they allow players to limit how much they spend. Once the amount pre-loaded on the card finishes, the player can no longer bet. Adding more funds to prepaid cash isn’t as automatic as other payment means.

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Final thoughts

There are many things you’ll be looking for when picking an online casino. One of the most important features is an efficient payment and withdrawal system. All these payment methods itemized above could also be the same way you withdraw your earnings. So it would be best to work with casinos having at least one or some of these services.

The last thing any punter would want is to have problems with making deposits or withdrawing their wins at their favorite casino efficiently. So be sure always to check that any of these means that works well for you is available.

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