Instagram is one of the most famous social networking sites on the planet. It’s also among the best platforms for live streaming videos. The social network offers its users with an opportunity to go live, which really isn’t something offered by other popular apps like Snapchat and Facebook. With just a simple tap you could go live and share your day with the rest of the world.

Live streaming on Instagram has become incredibly popular in the past few months. Millions of people are engaged with this feature on Instagram and some even watch live videos on it more than once a day. Since everyone has gone live, businesses also started using this new feature to promote their brand or service by sharing exclusive content about them.

How to Find Live Videos on Instagram 2021

There are two ways to find live videos on Instagram. You can either use the explore section or go live and check the list of people who just went live. Let’s discuss both in detail:

  • Using Explore Section:

This is by far one of the best and easy ways to discover new accounts that share live videos on Instagram.   Just open the explore section and start scrolling down until you find a list of live videos.

You will find a brief description with each video so if you find something interesting just click it and enjoy watching a live broadcast in full HD resolution.

While using this method, to discover new accounts that share live broadcasts you would have to go through a lot of irrelevant content. This means you will spend more time looking for something that catches your eye. However, if you don’t mind scrolling down the explore section and checking out live videos from random people, then this is one of the most convenient ways to find live videos on Instagram.

  • Using People’s Profiles:

Now this method is a bit more efficient as it lets you follow new accounts that share live videos on Instagram. However, you will have to follow the accounts that just went live. So, if you want to discover new people from your explored section then just tap on the three dots next to their name and “Follow” them.

Another way to do this is by simply searching for hashtags. You can find various live videos on Instagram through hashtags with just a single tap. For example, if you want to discover new accounts that share live broadcasts then type “Live” in the search bar of Instagram and you are good to go!

As both using explore section or hashtags are quick and efficient, you should try both methods to discover new accounts that share live videos on Instagram 2021.

Once you have found a list of accounts or a video that interests you simply tap it to open their profile page. This is where all the fun begins! You can now follow those lists of people, check out their biography and post history, and look for the purpose of their live videos.

Live Streaming Videos are the Future of Social Media

Today, you can find live streaming videos on every social network. However, Instagram takes the game to another level by providing incredible resolution and focusing more on its users than competitors like Facebook . Many companies are already using Instagram for marketing purposes so if you are someone who is looking forward to promoting their business through live broadcasts then this is a must have feature for you.

After all, live videos are the future of social media and the best part is that Instagram is already here with us to make our lives easier. So, what are you waiting for? Go explore the app and discover new profiles that share live broadcasts instantly!


No matter how many videos you watch, you cannot get your fill of live streaming. Millions of people around the world love watching live broadcasts and Instagram is one of the social networks that helps them do it. However, if you are already tired of scrolling down the explore section for hours or looking up hashtags to discover new videos then don’t worry, we have got your back! Our article will help you find new accounts that share live broadcasts on Instagram 2021.

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