Snapchat made a huge news recently by releasing their latest update, which brings the popular Boomerang videos to its app. Before this update, Snapchat users could only use pre-recorded snaps and make texts and drawings on them. The new feature – Boomerang – is the one that lets users take a burst of images and turns them into an awesome mini video clip, which could be 5 seconds or 1 second long.

Snapchat introduced these boomerang videos through their official blog on 30th April 2015. Since then, its app has been downloaded at least 1 million times in Play Store.

how do you do a boomerang on snapchat?

Boomerang videos are super fun and engaging, they catch your attention in a matter of seconds. What more can you ask for with this new feature – which is activated with the tap of a button? You record whatever you want in the snap and then it starts turning into awesome high-quality loops.

There are three different modes in which Boomerangs can be recorded: back-and-forth, side to side and front-back. Whichever mode you choose for your video clip – at the end it will give you a smooth and awesome mini video clip.

What is a Boomerang on Snapchat ?

A boomerang video is one which you can set to start recording, by clicking on the snapchat symbol button, and then it will start capturing images at an interval of 1 second. You can choose whether you want your boomerang video to be 5 seconds long or just 1 second – depending on how fast your phone camera works (30fps probably). After the video is captured, it will be turned into an awesome Boomerang video, where your images will start looping one after another from beginning to end.

How to create a Boomerang video  on Snapchat

Before the boomerang videos were released, the only way to make your snaps cool was by adding drawings and texts. Now with Boomerang – you can easily add awesomely smooth video loops to your snapchat stories.

Remember that this type of video recording is done in Boomerang mode (short for Burst mode) and not in normal video recording option. So the first thing you need to do after you open Snapchat is click on the camera icon, at top right – otherwise your video won’t have that awesome boomerang effect.

Tips for making your own Boomerang videos on Snapchat

After you take a video snap in boomerang mode, it will loop the recorded videos. The only way to see how your Boomerang video turned out is by keeping the app open for some time till it plays all your images. If you just want to share it with others, then immediately after recording – click on “send” to share with your friends.

You can also try out different types of video clips, by changing the mode in which you record them. There are three different modes available for recording Boomerang videos – back-and-forth, side to side and front-back.

Why you should use this app in addition to other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter?

We all know that social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have become a part of our daily life – we follow different trends, celebrities etc. on these apps. Snapchat is just another stream of information which you can use to show the world what’s going around you.

With Boomerang videos, it becomes super fun to share your day-to-day activities on Snapchat. For example – your day at work, you walking through the park, hanging out with friends etc. each of these videos can be turned into an awesome 5 or 1 second loop clip which you can share on social media.


Now that you know how to make a boomerang video on Snapchat, these videos are going to be super fun and engaging for all your friends on social media. There is a whole lot of difference by adding a little bit of creativity with this new feature – which makes it easier to share more information about yourself, without actually saying anything.

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